7 May 2019
The Bahia Palace is not a historical landmark like the other monuments that populate Marrakech.

On the other hand, the site is recognized for the richness of its architecture. Its construction is recent, 19th century, and was inspired by Arabic and Andalusian styles.
The foundations of the palace appeared in 1880 under the will of Vizier Sidi Moussa, head of the Moroccan kingdom.

The latter wanted the construction of a luxurious residence for the pleasure of one of his companions.
He then offered a palace consisting of about 160 rooms! This would provide an explanation in the name of the monument meaning "palace of the beautiful" ... Around the building, visitors can walk in the courtyards and gardens that have been distracted by its occupants.

Small anecdote: The duration of construction of the Palace of Bahia (7 years) is at the origin of a famous Moroccan expression: "the Bahia is finally finished", used when a business remains a long time without solution!
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